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Spend less time planning.
Teach more confidently.

A well-organised collection of English teaching materials for busy and under-resourced teachers.

Let us help you organise and prepare for the day

Save time

Spend less of your free time worrying about what to teach and how to teach it.

Develop your skills

Present complex grammar on the board with clarity and confidence.

Peace of mind

Low-prep lesson plan ideas for every occasion, offline and in your pocket.

No subscriptions

When you purchase the pro version of our app, you own it for life!

Inspiration in your pocket

Offline access to a growing library of ESL lesson plans means that you'll never be short of ideas in the classroom.

Plan efficiently and teach with confidence

Deciding how to present complex grammar points on the board takes time to prepare and years to perfect. We can help speed that up.

Save time and paper

Packed with fun ESL activities and games for low-resource classrooms, so you can always be confident that you'll find the perfect idea when you need it.

Customer reviews

"Really great start. This is a fantastic app for quick reference in the classroom, please keep it up!"

Hoff Mania

"This app has saved me a lot of time planning my lessons by defining the teaching areas for each level in a methodic way."

Mahan Mashoof

"I've just started a TEFL course and hit a snag. An assignment for a lesson plan on present continuous! This app is great!!! A welcome resource of ideas and information."

Christopher Cook

"Exactly what ESL teachers need!!"

Ruben Scapin

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We think that people are asked to sign up for too many subscriptions services these days


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If you unlock the Pro features, you will own it for life.

We want busy and under-resourced English teachers to spend less of their free time planning lessons and feel more confident in the classroom.

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The best experience is on the app A library of teaching ideas and inspiration, offline and in your pocket.
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